3000 pregnant women and counting!

YOGA teacher Emma Stevens has reached an impressive milestone, having taught 3,000 pregnant women yoga in Saffron Walden.

Almost 10 years ago she realised that Saffron Walden offered no exercises classes for pregnant ladies and since then her classes have gone from strength to strength, being recommended by doctors, midwifes and health practioners.

Having had two children herself, she realises the importance of looking after yourself during pregnancy.

“It’s fantastic to help so many women through their pregnancy,” she said. “By attending the yoga classes they have made a great network of friends and most of them reunite again once they have had their babies. I am proud of all of them. They have so much fun and many of them go into labour so positive.”

Sarah Hafiz, one of the many pregnant women to benefit from the class, said: “I gave birth at home naturally to a 7lb baby girl with no pain relief. I have been attending weekly yoga with Emma for 24 weeks and believe that the breathing and relaxation Emma has taught me was my pain relief throughout my six-hour labour.

“One of the midwives who attended was amazed I had no pain relief as this is my first baby. When I told her it was all down to my yoga teacher she immediately asked if it was Emma as she is very highly spoken of and recommended by the midwifes.”

Emma also teaches mmmy and baby yoga, baby massage and attends seven different schools in the area to teach yoga to the children.