Essex policeman goes above and beyond the call of duty

I SHOULD like to pass on my grateful thanks to the very kind policeman who stopped and rescued our son and his family, who were stuck on the roundabout between Wendens Ambo and Newport, just after Christmas.

They had been visiting us and on the way home one of their snow chains had become stuck firmly on and they had been trying for half an hour to free it, lying in the snow, freezing cold and with two children in the car, one of whom was poorly.

The policeman jacked up the car, removed the tyre, fitted the spare, and finally checked that they were all ok.

I wanted to highlight the fact that despite the bad press police seem to receive in the media, they carry on; looking after our community, often putting their lives at risk, with little praise or thanks.

I should like to say a BIG THANK YOU.

Sandy McAdams

Duddenhoe End