National Express East Anglia urged to lift restrictions at Audley End

AS I travel frequently on business, like many women I have to take the kitchen sink as well as business papers, so always have a large case along with briefcase and handbag.

It is impossible to use Audley End for a return journey. I have to, therefore, use a taxi to take me to Audley End for the journey to London (Newport bridge is the same problem as the ticket barrier is the wrong side for the down journey) and then return via Newport and again have to use a taxi.

My return journeys are always after 7pm and if I just miss a Newport train I have to wait a further hour for another one (I have never been able to understand that on heavy commuter traffic between Stansted, Elsenham and Newport why a further three to four minutes on a journey at that time of night would matter and save this long wait. After all, it is not as if they run as punctually as Swiss Rail. But then, that would be attributing common sense to the rail authorities).

I was therefore delighted to see a lift being installed at Audley End, that would have enabled me to use my car and give me far greater flexibility.

However, that does not compare to the problems I see many disabled people having to endure and mother’s with prams or ladies with shopping and children.

We are fortunate to live in an area where there are still gentlemen and I, and many others, have been more than grateful for the assistance that has been given by fellow travellers.

If the station is manned, and we also have a fantastic shopkeeper at Audley End coupled with taxis at the rank, I do not see that vandals would be a problem, at least until 10pm.

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The ticket officer does not stand at the window once the train has left the station and with CCTV cameras a simple call to the police would more than suffice.

Is this not just another case of ‘I can’t be bothered’, not that it can’t be done scenario that is so prevalent nowadays?

Tina Knight

Uttlesford District councillor for the wards of Debden and Wimbish