One family car would be better for everyone

YOUR article ‘Worst crossing place in town’ in last week’s Reporter brought back memories of my childhood in an Essex village.

This was some 70-plus years ago when we were safe on the country roads and it reminded me of many happy days just walking with friends, seeing the fish in ponds and many other things that children enjoy doing. The after school games had us ready for a good night’s sleep and we were not in any danger, unlike today’s youngsters.

The article in last week’s paper alluded to the dangers of so many cars on the road and I have wondered if we have forgotten that for everyone in a family, activity helps keep us fit.

Playing with friends is a child’s way of keeping healthy as long as they are in safe places. Try to manage with just one family car because it will mean less traffic, and I hope, fewer accidents.

This leads to a healthy lifestyle and would reduce parking difficulties. It would also make roads like the one near St Mary’s Primary School less dangerous to cross because the volume of traffic would be lower.

John Gray

Gibson Way

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