Saffron Walden is a town in gridlock

IF YOU don’t believe that Saffron Walden is close to gridlock, look at the two pictures I have sent of Elizabeth Way and the Radwinter Road junction during the Ashdon Road closure for EDF work.

The council must be out of its mind to approve more housing on the east of the town without considering the impact on road use.

This is in addition to the traffic that Tesco and Waitrose expansions will have – let alone a new Sainsbury’s.

In my opinion, the council could, in exchange for allowing expansion of the supermarkets, demand that the companies involved pay a large percentage of a ring road scheme.

This would mean that Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ridgeons and their suppliers lorries and trucks would not have to use the unsuitable roads through the town centre and other areas.

I’m sure there could be some sort of solution to the problem. This is surely ‘the elephant in the room’ for Saffron Walden, that everyone chooses to ignore.

N Crawley

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