People have had their items fixed at the first Radwinter Repair Cafe.

Toasters were repaired, trousers were patched, chairs were fixed, toy donkeys and teddy bears were mended, and hedge trimmers and lamps were re-wired.

Jane Bailess, who managed the bookings, said: “It was lovely to see such a large variety of items being brought in to be fixed, though we did think it might be just toasters at one point - there were a lot of toasters!”

Julie Haines, Radwinter Recreation Ground Charity chair and the event organiser, said: “The principle of Repair Cafes is very much about passing skills so that people would be more likely to have a go at fixing before throwing things away.

"Our team of volunteer fixers encouraged people to take part.”

The village WI team provided refreshments during the event at Radwinter Pavilion.

Essex Police offered security marking and TEC Mates helped with handheld device problems.

The next repair cafe is on Saturday, September 17.

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