An organisation campaigning for a proportional representation voting system for both general and local elections in the UK has set up an East Herts branch that covers West Essex and Eastern Hertfordshire.

National cross-party pressure group Make Votes Matter says the UK's first-past-the-post voting system means both major parties continue to win general elections with only a minority of the vote, marginalising minority parties.

It says a change to PR would result in "everyone's vote counting."

Stephen Skinner, Chair of Make Votes Matter, East Herts said: "Far from producing harmony and consensus our politics are more divided than ever, not least because those who did not vote for the winning party are effectively unrepresented.

"People from all parties or none believe a fair and decent society depends on each person’s vote being of equal value at the ballot box."

The launch meeting is on Thursday March 18 at 8pm via Zoom. To attend, email