Have you ever wondered if you could fly and land a Boeing 737 airliner? Here is your chance to find out as a company in Stebbing is offering readers the chance to sample its professional flight simulator.

Saffron Walden Reporter: Andrewsfield Aviation flight simulator cockpit.Andrewsfield Aviation flight simulator cockpit. (Image: Andrewsfield Aviation)

There are many routes available such as Stansted to Amsterdam, Liverpool to Edinburgh, the famous Hong Kong Kai Tak approach through the tower blocks or the visual approach between the snowy mountains into Innsbruck.

Andrewsfield Aviation, based at the Saling Airfield, has 1:1 scale replica of the Boeing 737-800 cockpit for anyone wanting to discover what it is like to pilot a passenger plane.

An instructor is on hand to teach would be pilots how to hand fly the plane from take-off and landings and how the auto-pilot assists.

Saffron Walden Reporter: Andrewsfield Aviation flight simulator cockpit.Andrewsfield Aviation flight simulator cockpit. (Image: Andrewsfield Aviation)

Mike Rowland, airfield manager at Andrewsfield Aviation said: "This is the ideal gift voucher experience suitable for anybody from no experience to professional pilots. One lady customer who had a fear of flying, outperformed her husband who had bought her the experience”

Just like a real pilot the customer will run through checklists, learn how to read instruments, wind and weather conditions as well as land on a runway.

The visual system provides pilots with a 200 degrees HD projected landscape and realistic sensation of movement and peripheral vision whether on the ground or above the clouds.

There is also a surround sound system that incorporates tactile transducers which allow a person to ‘"feel" the aircraft.

Qualified pilots who have used it include three times Red Bull Air Race champion and British Airways captain Paul Bonhomme as well as professional snooker player Ali Carter who has a private pilot's Llcence.

There are various packages available, all of which feature a pre-flight briefing and post-flight debrief.

Mike added: "Commercial pilots have told us they believe it is as good as the official airline simulators."

Andrewsfield is also offering a special rate for local out of work pilots who might be going for a new job and want to use it to refresh their skills.

"People often say they come away from the simulator feeling quite exhausted but exhilarated and that it gives them a full understanding of how it works and what is involved," Mike said.

Andrewsfield Aviation is offering a voucher worth £150 for an hour in the flight simulator to be used within 12months.

To win, simply answer the following question: The visual system consists of a stunning ?? degrees HD projected landscape. How many degrees?

The answer can be found in this story or online and can be submitted by email from the website https://www.flightstudio.co.uk/competition/ or post your answers to Flight Simulator Competition, Andrewsfield Aviation, Saling Airfield, Stebbing, Dunmow, Essex CM6 3TH or email mike@andrewsfield.com .

The competition will run until February 28 2021. For more details visit www.flightstudio.co.uk