Environmentalist Edward Gildea has been chosen as Uttlesford Green Party's parliamentary candidate for the next General Election.

Edward - who lives in Saffron Walden - has organised the Eco Market in the town, as well as multiple events for the Great Big Green Week.

The Eco Market included a range of stalls selling handmade and sustainable goods, as well as information about how people in the community can get involved in local environmental initiatives.

Edward also initiated the national 'Ring out for Climate!', which saw thousands of church bells ring out a simultaneous warning on the eve of climate conference COP26, and again this month for COP27.

Explaining why he wants the challenge of taking on a safe Conservative seat, Edward said: "I’m doing this for my grandchildren, and I’m hoping that the people of Uttlesford will also be thinking about their children and grandchildren when they vote.

"Our current trajectory of Green House gas emissions will take us to 3.2 degrees of warming by the end of this century. That is not survivable."

Edward first became committed to the environmental movement after sailing around the world in the Clipper Round the World race. 

He explained that he was spurred to action by his first-hand experience of the massive weather events generated by over-heated oceans, which coincided with the news of the birth of two of his grandsons while he was away at sea - and that these factors combined changed his life.

Edward said: "The Green Party is not just a one issue party, though. We are passionate about social justice and reducing the vast and growing gulf between the very rich and the very poor.

"We have strong policies on the NHS, education and social care. There is a beautiful future ahead of us if only we have the courage to change."

Edward's recent claim to fame was an appearance on Channel 4's First Dates Hotel, which he described as 'great fun'.

Earlier this month he also made a contribution to Radio 4's 'Any Answers?', and added he is evidently "keen to get noticed by the people of Uttlesford!".