An Olivier-award winning, Guildhall-trained opera singer is bringing his musical revue to Saffron Walden's Fairycroft House.

Through opera and dance, Iestyn Edwards tells the story of how being overheard singing in a converted Suffolk police lockup led to an after-dinner recital for the Queen on HMS Victory - at the invitation of Admiral Lord West.

This was followed by a "misguided" tour dancing the Sugar Plum around the warzones of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ministry of Defence reports described it as an "honourable exchange" when a fuming Royal Marines Commando hoicked Iestyn offstage by his tutu underwiring to stuff him in a tank's hull.

Iestyn's show, described by The Times as "a rare and perfect synthesis of art and larkiness", will be performed at Fairycroft House tomorrow (Saturday, February 18).


Doors open at 7.30pm, and tickets cost £10 for SWAT members and £12.50 for non-members.

Tickets are available online from eventbrite and on the door.