Many of the newly-planted trees in Walpole Meadows, one of Stansted Mountfitchet’s modern housing developments, are either dead or dying.

Instead of allotments, houses are bordered by a fenced-off field. The development’s playground has only just received a safety certificate from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, three years after the final house was built.

These amenities were promised by developers Bloor Homes and Martin Grant Homes when the 160-home scheme was granted planning permission.

Cllr Geoffrey Sell says they have not been maintained or brought up to the standard where they can be passed over to Stansted Parish Council.

"When I met Bloor recently, I told them quite frankly that their reputation on this development was not good," he said.

A spokesperson for Bloor Homes said: "As part of the planning obligations a new woodland was provided, but due to the unforeseen extreme summer weather last year, unfortunately many of the trees have died.

Saffron Walden Reporter: Trees in the woodland at Walpole Meadows are either dead or dyingTrees in the woodland at Walpole Meadows are either dead or dying (Image: LDRS)

"A full audit of the dead trees has already been carried out and these are to be replaced by Bloor Homes in the next three months. Additional maintenance and watering has also been allowed which will give the trees the best opportunity to flourish.

“We can confirm that the allotments will be complete in the next few weeks and the playground has received a ROSPA safety certificate, both of which are planned to be transferred to the local authorities by the end of April."

Martin Grant Homes was approached for comment.

Walpole Meadows was granted planning permission by the district council in 2015, including to reserve a small parcel of land for a nursery.


But this land is currently fenced off and overgrown. Cllr Sell says no money was provided for the nursery and Essex County Council are unlikely to step in and foot the bill.

"I think to be honest there’s been a lack of will by the developers," he said.

A spokesperson for Bloor Homes said in a statement: "An area of fenced-off grassland has been reserved for an early years facility – no money was required to be paid as part of the planning agreement."