Uttlesford has been ranked as the best place in the UK to survive a zombie apocalypse, in a survey by rental housing platform Rentola.

The survey analysed various factors across six categories, including vulnerability, hideouts, supplies, safety, mobility and hazards.

Uttlesford was ranked the safest out of 360 cities and districts, with Crawley coming in second and Craven in North Yorkshire ranked as the worst.

Even though the district ranked low in terms of safety (number 280), it was ranked fifth in terms of hideouts - with plenty of places, buildings and natural areas to hide from danger.

There are also good opportunities in terms of transportation and road safety, where Uttlesford was once again in fifth place.


If chaos breaks out, you and your allies would not be short of food, as Uttlesford ranked 19th in terms of supplies.

Only two cities in the top 10 achieved the highest score in a category - with Crawley ranking first in terms of mobility and North East Lincolnshire ranking first in terms of hideouts.

The three lowest ranked places were all in the North West of England, while Greater London was worst in terms of vulnerability - with numerous health hazards.