A lecture is being held at Saffron Walden County High School in memory of former teacher Tim Hardingham, who died in 2020.

Dr Amy King and PhD student Roseanne Smith of the University of Cambridge's British Antarctic Survey will explain how tiny air bubbles, trapped in Antarctic ice, can reveal millions of years of Earth's climate history.

Roseanne explained: "Antarctic ice is basically a time capsule.

"Ice preserves these air bubbles which contain a mixture of gases. The gas reflects the climate of the earth.


"We dug up the ice and looked at what's inside the bubbles to understand how the earth's climate has changed over time.

"The ice at the top is quite young. As you go deeper into the ice sheets the ice gets older, preserving a record of the climate up to 8,000 years ago."

The lecture will take place at the school at 6.30pm on Thursday, March 23, with refreshments served from 6pm.

Tickets are free. To book go to www.eventbrite.com and search 'Tim Hardingham memorial lecture'.