Pepsi could taste different in the future following a major change to the drink.

Manufacturers, PepsiCo has announced that the popular soda will now have 57 per cent less sugar.

Classic Pepsi will now have 4.55g per 100ml, meaning each can of the regular variety will have 15g of sugar, reduced from 36g.

A bottle of Classic Pepsi previously contained more than 50g of sugar but will now contain 22.75g.

Saffron Walden Reporter:

While a two-litre bottle of the fizzy drink will have 91g of sugar, down from 213g.

The new formula is exclusive to Pepsi drinks sold in supermarkets and retail outlets, and the packaging will now show updated nutritional information, indicating how much sugar they have.

However, potential buyers are advised to check the labels for the new formula, as the old version may still be on sale.

The new Pepsi formula only contains 59 calories in a 330ml serving, further reducing the sugar content's negative impact on health.

Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max will remain the same, and pubs and restaurants will continue to serve the original product (10.65g of sugar per 100ml) for the time being.

Pepsi have assured fans of the classic flavour that they have attempted to keep the taste as close to the original as possible.

The Pepsi website reads: “We have worked hard to make sure our new classic Pepsi maintains the great taste that people expect while removing sugar and calories."