Crisp-brand Walkers have left customers angry after some spotted a major change to the brand's iconic multipack bags.

It comes as some spotted that Walkers had shrunk the number of packets in their multipacks, changing them from 22 to just 20 as well as increasing the price.

The crisp giant multipack offers classic flavours including six plain, six salt and vinegar, six cheese and onion and five prawn cocktail.

However, the change in the product will see just five packets of each crisp flavour.

The change was spotted on the ASDA website, seeing the price rise by 8% from £4.50 to £4.85, according to the Mirror.

Saffron Walden Reporter:

Walkers hike price of multipacks despite decreasing size

Many regular customers of Walkers were quick to take to social media over the change, as one user wrote: “Not only is inflation hitting hard, but getting charged for 22 when clearly only 20 in the box. Not happy!"

Whilst another wrote: “Thanks so much Walkers Crisps for the lack of transparency in this scale down."

The increase in Walker's crisps means that there will be a rise of 4p per bag.

Speaking to The Mirror, a Walker's spokesperson said: “We strive to provide high quality, competitively-priced products to our customers. Retail prices of our products are at the discretion of retailers.

"Like many businesses, we have changed the size of some of our products due to a number of factors impacting the cost of producing them.

"We always ensure that our products are clearly labelled so consumers know exactly what they are buying."