A 12-year-old Saffron Walden writer scaled England's highest mountain with her mum to raise money for other young writers.

Lily Worboyes and her mum Laura climbed Scafell Pike in aid of Writer's Room, which is part of Creative Walden.

The group works to support the confidence, creativity and mental health of talented young people, many of whom have neurological or other conditions.

Lily, who has been attending the group since she was 10, has a sensory processing disorder (SPD), which means she constantly deals with a barrage of sensory input with no effective filter.

Saffron Walden Reporter: Lily Worboyes reached the top of Scafell PikeLily Worboyes reached the top of Scafell Pike (Image: Supplied)

This means that touch can be intolerable - making everyday routines of washing, dressing and brushing her hair difficult, and limits the variety of fabrics she can wear.

Speaking about their climb, Lily's mum Laura said: "Lily had dressed the night before to avoid any SPD issues with getting dressed in the morning, that would slow us down or put a stop to the climb. 

"We packed our bags, a backpack for me with all the recommended essentials plus a change of clothes and a spare pair of shoes in case Lily struggled with SPD up the mountain and needed them, and some other SPD essentials like a piece of fluffy material to help calm sensitivity in her hands."

Despite Lily suffering from two nosebleeds near the start of their climb, both Laura and Lily enjoyed the spectacular views and kept going thanks to encouraging messages from friends and family.


Laura said: "Because of SPD Lily struggles to touch earth or dirt with her hands and so was trying not to put her hands down on the rocks.

"We stopped to take photos with the sun over the summit in the background. It looked like a long way still to go but Lily’s determination was unfaltering."

As they got closer to the summit, Lily began to struggle from her SPD - using a large poncho as a makeshift tent to take off her clothes, and finally reaching the summit wearing just the poncho and boots.

"Exhausted, relieved and with a huge sense of achievement we sat down for a rest and took in the amazing views from the summit," Laura said.

"We got to the top around midday and had our packed lunch at there. After some pictures it was soon time to head back down and we set off with our already tired and shaky legs.

"By this time Lily had managed to get her top back on but still couldn’t manage her trousers so she made the descent in the pac a poncho.

"Lily was amazing that day, her determination and courage were astonishing and her stamina even surprised me.

"The most amazing thing though was that, despite all her challenges, by the time we got to the last stretch she was the one cheering me on to the end."

Writer's Room operates at Fairycroft House every Wednesday evening, and caters for eight to 18-year-olds.

Lily and Laura have already raised more than £2,000. To donate go to https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lilyandlaura.