Thousands of lucky Brits are expected to get a show of a lifetime tonight as the Northern Lights are set to appear in parts of the UK. 

It comes as a 'cannibal' solar storm is set to make the aurora borealis visible for some fortunate stargazers. 

A 'cannibal' solar storm is not as scary as it might sound, the storm follows a 'dark eruption' on the surface of the sun which then creates a 'cannibal' plasma wave that is directed for Earth.

Sometimes the storm can create issues with the Earth's magnetic field, including power outages. 

However, there are some positives, with areas across Scotland, Northern Ireland and further parts of northern England expected to be able to see the Northern Lights

How to see the Northern Lights in the UK today

Typically, the Northern Lights are only visible in more northern locations, with countries Canada, Iceland, Greenland and Norways regularly getting the sites of the aurora borealis. 

However, due to the increased solar activity, the lights will be visible in more southern areas of the world than normal. 

Forecasters have predicted that the Northern Lights will be visible in Scotland and northern parts of England from 9pm tonight until around midnight. 

Although the lights will be on display, the chances of seeing them may be limited due to the time of the year. 

As the Met Office shares in their forecast: "Viewing opportunities are expected to be limited due to short hours of darkness at this time of year.

"There is then a trend for reduced geomagnetic activity through the remainder of the period with the auroral oval returning to background levels."

However, if you don't want to grab a look at the Northern Lights, you should aim for areas that are dark and away from light pollution, typical remote areas facing the northern horizon.