Chocolate manufacturer Cadbury has decided to stop selling a popular product on its own, which has left fans disappointed.

Mini bags of Dairy Milk buttons are on their way out, the confectionary firm confirmed on Wednesday, as the solo-sized treats no longer sell as well as they once did.

The 14.4g party-bag favourites will only be available in multipacks from now on as they are gradually phased out.

Thankfully it's not a full goodbye for chocolate buttons though, as the firm said they'll still be available in multi-packs whilst the larger family-sized giants buttons bags will continue to be made.

"We’re sorry to advise that this product has been discontinued," a Cadbury spokesperson said in response.

"Consumer tastes and trends do change over the years and our dedicated Research & Development Teams are always working hard to delight our consumers with a varied range with seasonal favourites and new exciting ideas.”

A spokesperson for Mondelez said: “We continuously adapt our product range to ensure it meets changing tastes whilst supporting growth for our customers and our business. Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons are available in a variety of pack sizes including 40g and 119g bags.

“Our Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Treatsize packs (14.4g) will no longer be as individual bags, but will continue to be available in multipack format and will also be part of our Christmas range.

"This enables us to focus on our most popular product ranges that consumers love the most and be even more flexible in meeting changing consumer demand.”

Dairy Milk's mega buttons were launched in 2010 shortly after the Birmingham-based confectioners were bought up in an £11.5billion deal by American food manufacturers Kraft, now known as Mondelez.

The buttons have since been adapted for various sweet tooth tastes, including with white chocolate, mint, orange and caramel.