A Stansted pupil was able to attend all her GCSEs despite being hospitalised with long Covid - thanks to the help of a robot.

Elise Edwards from Forest Hall School, who lives in Little Canfield, tested positive for Covid with no symptoms, but within 10 days began suffering from bad stomach pains and heart issues, including a high heart rate and fainting episodes.

She is now fed through a tube, and is uncertain what the future holds.

Despite spending eight weeks in hospital undergoing tests, an AV1 robot attended all of Elise's lessons in her place.

AV1 robots are provided to help students who are absent from school long-term, often due to illness, enabling them to attend school for remote learning and to socialise with their friends.

Elise was able to log into the robot from her hospital bed to virtually sit alongside her classmates, preventing her from falling behind.

She said: "I have got long Covid.

"My mum had Covid in December 2021 and so I tested, even though I was completely fine and had no symptoms at first.

"It took more than a year for doctors to realise my symptoms were related to COVID-19.

"The school has been really good; really supportive.


"I had a robot which meant I could be in all of my lessons. The school arranged that for me. It was amazing."

On GCSE results day, Thursday, August 24, Elise collected a grade 7, five grade 6s and a grade 5 in her GCSEs.

She said: "I am really happy with my GCSE results, considering what I have been through. I could not have done it without the school’s support.

"My condition now is unknown and it is a case of wait and see. It is a bit scary, but there is nothing I can do about it.

"It feels good to be able to focus on what is happening next now I have my GCSE results."

Elise is going on to sixth form to study biology, psychology and chemistry.

Senior leaders at Forest Hall School said they were "delighted" with this year's GCSE results success.