Saffron Walden Quakers gathered in the town centre at the weekend for a vigil raising awareness of climate change.

The 30-minute climate vigil took place outside the Friends Meeting House in High Street on Sunday, October 1, and saw 50 people of all ages taking part.

The aim of the vigil was to celebrate the beauty of our planet, while expressing concern for the climate emergency and what appear to be movements to backtrack on climate promises.

Quakers and members of the public held placards to generate interest from passersby, and the event was also an opportunity for people to meet each other and form new connections.

Saffron Walden Reporter: People of all ages took part in the climate vigilPeople of all ages took part in the climate vigil (Image: Lizzi Rawlinson-Mills)

Children were able to take part in colouring activities inside the Meeting House.

In keeping with Quaker traditions, the vigil ended with a two-minute's silence, which aimed to create "a powerful period of focused reflection and presence".

Lizzi Rawlinson-Mills, a Saffron Walden Quaker who helped organise the vigil, said: "I used to think that Quakers were all about ‘silence’, but the time we spend together reflecting during our meetings for worship gives us collective strength and we’re actually very active for social and environmental causes.


"This vigil was a great example of that."

The vigil was part of the annual Quaker Week, which serves to let the public know about their worship and practices.

The most pressing matter for the vigil was the government's decision to issue 130 new oil licenses for drilling in the North Sea, which is a contradiction of the Paris Climate Agreement's targets.

Saffron Walden Reporter: Placards were on display at the Quaker climate vigilPlacards were on display at the Quaker climate vigil (Image: Lizzi Rawlinson-Mills)

Lizzi added: "The changing climate is something that affects so many people around the world.

"It’s hard to know how to help but painful to stand by."

Quakers in Saffron Walden are planning more peaceful community climate action in the future.

Anyone who would like to be updated personally on forthcoming events can email and ask to be added to the climate action mailing list.

People in the community are also welcome to join the weekly meeting for Worship (the Quaker word for a church service).

Worship takes place at the Meeting House every Sunday at 10.30am.