Green space in Saffron Walden which was at risk of being auctioned off will now be saved for public use.

For many years, the green area at the bottom of Well Green Close, off Cromwell Road, has been a public open space.

However, although it has been treated as public land, it has always been owned by the original developer of the Cromwell Road area - now part of Taylor Wimpey.

A few weeks ago the land was listed for sale at auction, alarming both residents and councillors.

Residents for Uttlesford (R4U) councillor Chloë Fiddy campaigned for the green space to instead be adopted by Saffron Walden Town Council and maintained as a public space.

Now, thanks to this intervention, Taylor Wimpey has agreed to transfer the land to Saffron Walden Town Council for a nominal fee.

Cllr Fiddy, who represents Shire ward at Uttlesford District Council, said: "We are delighted that this land has been saved for the town and will continue to be a public open space.

"I work in environmental policy and am accustomed to navigating corporate sustainability reports.

"So once we became aware that the Well Green Close land was being sold, I contacted the director of sustainability at Taylor Wimpey, and pointed out that selling this land to a developer would be inconsistent with Taylor Wimpey’s policy of providing green space on their developments.

"I’m grateful to Taylor Wimpey for recognising its importance to residents and instead agreeing to sell it to the town council for the sum of £1.

"This is a great outcome for local residents."


Taylor Wimpey's sustainability policy states their dedication to creating communities that are 'socially, environmentally and economically sustainable', which includes 'an interconnected network of green spaces and parks'.

They also state the importance of attractive public spaces and enhanced and improved biodiversity as part of their approach to creating sustainable homes.

A Saffron Walden Town Council (SWTC) spokesperson added: "SWTC is delighted the owner has given us the opportunity to adopt the land, recognising public open space has a huge importance to residents and the community for their mental and physical wellbeing."