The UK's first ever "zero bills" housing development has been built in Newport.

The initiative, named Hollymead Square, is the product of a partnership between the Hill Group and Octopus Energy.

The development consists of 89 homes which are considered so efficient that they will not receive energy bills for a five-year period, a guarantee provided by Octopus’ unique smart tariff.

Each property includes solar panels, storage, and 'intelligent tech'.

Rebecca Littler, group sales and marketing director at The Hill Group, said: "We are proud to be showcasing the future of UK housing here at Hollymead Square.


"As well as supporting families to save thousands of pounds on their energy costs over the next five years, we hope that our progressive work with the energy sector through our partnership with Octopus is something that will inspire people to reduce their carbon footprint."

The recently launched development is composed of a mix of two-bedroom bungalows and two to five bedroom houses, with 64 of them available for private sale.

Hollymead Square is located off the London Road in Newport, Essex, immediately next to Newport Railway Station, with house prices starting at £489,950.