Kial Luke, branch cluster manager of Saffron Building Society (, on how they can help with your financial position. 

As we move through May, with ever-lighter evenings and (sometimes) warmer days, it's clear the impact that summertime and some vital vitamin D can have on our wellbeing.

Getting out and about more, walking the dog, or spending more time moving outside can be crucial to helping us feel more relaxed and grounded.

Maybe this is why Mental Health Awareness Week is in May, a month of change and transition through the seasons.

As well as the weather, another factor affecting our mental health is the significance of financial stability toward our general wellbeing through day-to-day life.

From our everyday conversations in-branch with our members, it’s clear there is a strong connection between financial stability and mental wellbeing, whether saving for retirement or having enough for the next house move or renovation.

The pressure of debt, uncertainty about financial futures, and the inability to meet financial obligations can lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges.

Research has increasingly highlighted the effects of financial strain on mental health. UK adults under financial pressure were twice as likely to report low happiness, and more likely to report high anxiety, while people in significant debt are three times as likely to report that their health is ‘bad’ or ‘very bad’.

As mental health charity Mind point out, it's a vicious cycle where poor financial decisions made under pressure can make the problem worse, creating a downward spiral that's challenging to break free from.

In times of financial difficulty, it's essential to remember that you're not alone. Charities such as Mind and the Mental Health Foundation provide invaluable support and guidance, and, more locally, there are great groups such as Uttlesford Citizens Advice.

And in-person at our branches, we’ve been careful to create a supportive environment, a place where we fully understand that one's financial wellness is directly linked to their overall wellbeing.

For our team in branch – from the cashier you see at the front desk, our savings experts to our cluster manager – we all share the same approach.

As you can see, there is help and advice out there, whether you have financial concerns, want to know how to take steps towards repaying debt, or are simply looking to save more efficiently.

Saffron can help with the latter, setting you up on a simple savings journey to develop those good habits, helping you start a savings pot for security and peace of mind.

We’re here to help where we can with your financial position, which has a strong bearing over your mental health.

Reach out, seek support, and take those small, consistent steps towards a brighter financial future. Your mental health and wellbeing deserve it.