A-Level results: Girls’ school achieves 60 per cent of A-level grades at A* - A

MORE than a third of St Mary’s students are celebrating as they received three or more A*-A grades in today’s A-level results.

Some 20 students achieved the impressive score, with 10 per cent of girls receiving more than three A* grades in all of their A2 subjects.

A* grades were awarded for 29.3 per cent of the overall examination grades and a further 30.7 per cent of the results were at A grade.

Charlotte Avery, headmistress and member of the Girls’ Schools Association, said: “I am delighted by our outstanding A-level results and pleased that St Mary’s consistently achieves highly year on year.

“Given our wide ability intake at all levels of the school these results are a true accolade to the work our girls put into their studies and the additional support and tuition offered by our dedicated teachers.

“Our results show that St Mary’s truly supports each girl as an individual, developing her unique skills. As a school with strong Christian values we expect to perform well in Religious Studies and this year we have exceeded expectations with 100 per cent of our A-level Religious Studies students achieving A*- A grades, with 90 per cent at A*.

“As the only all-girls’ Sixth Form in Cambridge our results prove time and again that girls can achieve highly in all subjects and not just those that are traditionally dominated by females.

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“St Mary’s continues to buck national trends with 77 per cent of our scientists achieving A* - A grades, with an exceptional 50 per cent of our Physics grades at A*. 66 per cent of our mathematicians also achieved A* - A grades.

“Our students also excelled in creative subjects; 100 per cent of our A-level Photography students were awarded an A*; 100 per cent of A-level Music students achieved A*- A.”

Grade statistics:

A*: 25 per cent

A* to A: 58 per cent

A* to B: 82.5 per cent

A* to C: 96.5 per cent

A* to E: 100 per cent