A new era and a new logo for village primary school

A NEW era is hovering over Radwinter Primary School following the creation of a new school logo.

After a detailed research study and consultation with parents, governors and the children, the school has adopted a dragonfly as its new emblem.

Acting headteacher Kate Hockley believes that the new symbol represents all aspects of the school.

“We wanted something that reflected the environment of the school, the children and still maintains our strong Christian ethos – and I believe we have it,” she said.

“The dragonfly fits every aspect of the school. It links with the school’s location on Water Lane and the ponds in the nature area and our Forest School.

“Symbolically its metamorphosis, its vision and its agile and dynamic movement are all things which relate to children.

“Its cross wings also fit in with our Christian ethos as well.”

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The dragonfly was designed by local designer Heidi Bentley, a parent of a child at the school, who worked closely with staff and the children to get the finishing touches just right.

After a presentation to parents, a shortlist was drawn up of possible designs, which was then whittled down to four options: wheat, cow parsley, horse chestnut leaf and the dragonfly.

After much consideration, the dragonfly was selected.

“We had been looking for some years at modernising the badge, and wanted a fresher look,” explained Mrs Hockley. “This has been well thought through – it was not a decision to change the badge just on a whim.

“We had the children, parents and governors all involved in the process.”

The logo has been sown onto school jumpers, cardigans and raincoats.

With Mrs Bentley’s assistance, the children also designed their own dragonflies using arts and crafts materials.