A round-up of crime in Saffron Walden and surrounding villages over the past month

Crime round-up

Crime round-up


Here is a round-up of crimes in Saffron Walden and the surrounding villages over the past four weeks.

• A bicycle was stolen from a bike rack after a thief used bolt cutters to remove a lock in Peaslands Road, Saffron Walden, between 1.30-4.10pm on July 15.

• Scratches were caused to a grey Mercedes A200 in St mary’s Drive, Stansted, between 6.45am on June 26 and 11.25am on July 15.

• A grey Nissan Couple was stolen from St Clements, Thaxted, at 3.12am on July 16.

• Thieves tried to break into a car in Felstead Crescent, Stansted, between 10pm on July 1 and 1.30pm on July 6.

• Pickpockets stole a purse from a woman’s bag in Hill Street, Saffron Walden, between midnight on July 13 and 11.14am on July 17.

• A wallet was stolen in Margaret Street, Thaxted, between 3pm on July 16 and 9.30am on July 17. An attempt to use a stolen bank card failed.

• Items were stolen from outside a home in Hudgell Road, Stansted, between midnight and 3.10pm on July 18.

• A blue Ford Transit van was stolen from Golds Nurseries Business Park in Jenkins Drive, Elsenham, between 11.45pm on July 19 and 3.33pm the next day.

• Garden items were stolen from a property in Thaxted Road, Wimbish, between 6.30pm on July 19 and 12.20pm the next day.

• An electric gate was damaged as a white/grey Freelander was driven onto land in Thaxted, Two people with dogs, possibly greyhounds, were also spotted. The incident happened on July 22.

• A balustrade wall was damaged in Castle Street, Saffron Walden, between 5.30pm on July 21 and 2.50pm on July 24.

• Scratches and dents were left in a silver Vauxhall Astra in Harris Yard, Saffron Walden, on July 24.

• Burglars attempted to break into a home in Cambridge Road, Stansted, by forcing rear patio doors between 1-2.39pm on July 24.

• Items were stolen from a white Ford Transoit van on Southgate, Stansted, between 4.40-7.30pm on July 24.

• The rear window was cut out and removed from a convertible Audi TT in Andrews Close, Saffron Walden, between 8pm on july 25 and 11.45am the next day.

• Damage costing £100 was caused to a red Honda motorcycle in Thaxted Road, Saffron Walden, between 2pm on July 25 and 2.20pm the next day.

• Water leaks were caused to a property in Lower Street, Stansted, after suspects climbed the roof of the building and removed tiles – which were left broken on the floor. The incident happened between 5pm on July 25 and 11.40am the next day.

• Five garages had their locks damaged in Chapel Hill, Stansted, between midnight on July 25 and 9.45am on July 26.

• Five hundred litres of red diesel was stolen from a locked workshop in Chalk Farm Lane, Newport, between 6pm on July 25 and 8am on July 27.

• The front numberplate was stolen from a black Vauxhall Astra in Ross Close, Saffron Walden, between midnight on July 26 and 12.34pm on July 27. An attempt was also made to steal the rear plate.

• A vehicle was damaged in Frambury Lane, Newport, between midnight and 4.18pm on July 32.

• An external light was smashed off the wall of a property in The Maltings, Station Road, Newport, between 10pm on July 29 and 12.08pm on July 31.

• The boot of a blue Volkswagen Golf was scratched while parked in Harris Yard, Saffron Walden, between 9.55am on July 28 and 5.05pm on August 2.

• A key was stolen from a key safe at a home in Watling Lane, Thaxted, between 8pm on August 1 and 11.50am the next day. No access was gained to the property.

A key safe was also removed from the wall of a property in Dunmow Road, Thaxted,between 7pm on August 3 and 1.30pm the next day.

• Items were stolen as a garage was broken into via a side door and ransacked in Clavering between midnight and 10.14pm on August 3.

• A white Ford Transit motorhome was stolen from Stansted Road, Elsenham, between midnight on July 22 and 7.25pm on August 3.

• Burglars knocked on the door of a home in Royston Road, Littlebury, before searching the garage when no-one answered. The break-in happened between 12-12.15pm on August 3.

Also in Littlebury, burglars forced entry to a garage in Wenden Road between 7.20am on August 2 and 9.20pm on August 3, though nothing was taken, while jewellery was taken from another home in the street after burglars forced their way in through a kitchen window between 2.03-2.19pm on August 3.

• Tools and equipment were stolen from a container after thieves broke three locks to access it in Elsenham Road, Stansted, between 3pm on August 2 and 8.10am the next day.

• A large drum of copper cable was stolen from a compound in North Hall Road, Henham, between midnight on August 1 and 10.07am on August 2.

• Windows and doors were smashed after someone threw a can of paint and two bricks at a property in Lower Street, Stansted, between 1.05-7.10am on August 4.

Anyone with information about any of these crimes should call police on 101.

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