Addenbrooke’s celebrity patient revamps hospital’s Jubilee garden

ADDENBROOKE’S Golden Jubilee Garden, which opened in October 2002 thanks to kind volunteers and donors, is being given a revamp in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Thanks to a former celebrity patient and many generous supporters, the Jubilee Garden - renamed the Diamond Jubilee Garden - will continue as an area of relaxation and contemplation within the hospital grounds for patients, staff and visitors alike.

Adrian Bloom, internationally renowned plantsman and chairman of Blooms Nurseries at Bressingham in Norfolk, recently received radiotherapy treatment at Addenbrooke’s for prostate cancer. Mr Bloom attended the hospital every day for seven weeks at the end of 2011, regularly visiting the Golden Jubilee Garden.

During this time he and his wife Rosemary decided they would like to give something back to the hospitals by donating plants and a garden redesign by Adrian, to create a garden of year-round interest.

Mr Bloom said: “I am passionate about getting people interested in gardening and gardens. I want to create a buzz around the Jubilee Garden so it can be a real asset for patients, visitors and staff.

“Being able to relax in a green space does make a difference. What started as a idea of mine has now grown into a full-scale plan as I’ve encouraged other nurseries and suppliers to get involved. I am so grateful to them all for joining me in this fantastic project.”

Phase one of the project began on April 12 and will be completed in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June. Mr Bloom, volunteers and the hospital gardeners were all on hand to receive deliveries of plants and hedges and to transform the space.

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Dr Mary Archer, chairman of Cambridge University Hospitals (which runs Addenbrooke’s), said: “We are extremely grateful to Mr Bloom for volunteering his time and energy into transforming our garden for us.

“His designs are admired by gardeners across the country, and we are delighted that they will now be enjoyed by our patients, staff and visitors. Thank you to all the contributors for donating lovely plants to help this transformative project become a reality.”

Visitors are welcome at the garden which can be found at the back of the hospital adjacent to the Lewin Stroke and Rehabilitation Centre. More information can be found at