Anonymous businessman makes �10,000 donation to Saffron Screen’s Going Digital campaign

AN independent cinema’s bid to move into the modern age has moved a drastic step closer after an anonymous businessman donated �10,000.

SAFFRON Screen’s Going Digital campaign has received an anonymous donation of �10,000.

This incredible donation, together with a �2000 contribution from Europa Cinemas, brings the total amount raised to �49,000.

The �10,000 donation was received from a local businessman who wanted to ensure the long term future of Saffron Screen.

Chairman Rebecca del Tufo said: “We are overwhelmed by this generous donation and would like to thank the donor for his contribution.

“Every penny of the �49,000 raised to date has been raised locally and I would also like to thank the community for their continued support.”

Saffron Screen is a member of Europa Cinemas which was founded in 1992 to support cinemas that commit themselves to screening a significant number of European films. The �2000 was a result of the number of European films shown at Saffron Screen last year.

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This additional funding comes at an important time for Saffron Screen.

“When pulling together the November/December programme, we experienced problems booking several films,” said Mrs del Tufo.

“Some films were only available on digital or DVD. Others, which were produced on 35mm film, were not available on the dates we wanted because there are so few prints in the UK. Re-issued films, foreign language and independent films are becoming more difficult for us to programme right now.

“I am excited that we will be ‘going digital’ soon so that we may continue to bring the widest range of films and events to Saffron Walden.”

With only �11,000 left to raise, Saffron Screen volunteers will be collecting money in Saffron Walden on Saturday (October 16) and would be happy to answer questions about the campaign and the equipment.

Digital projection equipment is needed to secure Saffron Screen’s future as film distributors move towards digital distribution. The goal is to raise �60,000 to purchase and install this equipment.

Digital will ensure that films are screened in pristine condition and will allow access to a wider range of films closer to their release dates.

Most excitingly, it will mean that live cultural events such as theatre, opera, sport, music and comedy can be streamed from around the world to the cinema.

Throughout the Going Digital campaign, Saffron Screen has also been grateful for the support from Adams Harrison, Furniture & Things, Saffron Building Society, Saffron Insurance, and generous members of its audience.

All donors to the campaign are listed on screen at the cinema (unless they wish to remain anonymous).

Donations can be made by downloading a form from or by contacting