Appeal to drivers as school crossing offences increase

CONCERNS have been raised at a growing number of incidents where drivers put lives at risk by failing to stop for school crossing patrol officers.

Police have received reports of impatient drivers who have failed to wait for them to return to the safety of the kerb before continuing their journeys. On occasions motorists have even driven past them while they are in the middle of the carriageway, with their signs clearly visible, and with children starting to cross the road.

A woman appeared in court last month and was ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £213 and given three penalty points on her licence after she admitted failing to stop for a school crossing patrol at Castle Hill, Saffron Walden in November 2012.

Investigations are currently being carried out following reports of similar incidents at Halstead and Chelmsford.

Drivers are now being reminded that they face fines of up to £1,000 and three points on their licence under legislation that specifically covers school crossings.

Pc Deborah Gray, partnership and community engagement officer, said: “Essex Police is committed to the reducing the number of seriously injured/fatal road traffic collisions on our roads. We will continue to tackle this offending behaviour through education, engagement, enforcement and engineering in an effort to save people’s lives.

“The majority of road users are law-abiding citizens who comply with the road laws and we would like to thank them for this and hope that this continues.”