Are you still eligible for a 25 per cent discount on your council tax bill?

DO YOU currently claim 25 per cent discount on your council tax bill? Are you still eligible to receive this discount?

Uttlesford District Council is currently reviewing the single person Council Tax discounts offered to residents who live alone. Forms will be sent out as from 16 May and any residents who receive one should sign and return it as soon as possible. Genuine claimants will still be able to claim their discount but if your circumstances have changed, the discount could be withdrawn.

The Council is able to prosecute those who claim this discount fraudulently and they could be asked to pay back the money they owe.

Cabinet Member for finance and administration, Cllr Robert Chambers said: “This council takes fraud very seriously and will take the appropriate action wherever it is uncovered. Those people claiming to be the single occupant of a property when they are not are stealing from the pockets of honest council taxpayers. This is simply unacceptable, particularly during these difficult financial times.”

Cllr Chambers added: “If you receive a form, please do not ignore it - you must fill it in and send it back in the prepaid envelope provided or to the address on the bottom of the letter. Alternatively, the form can be filled in online at If you fail to return your signed declaration, your discount will be removed and you will be issued a new bill for your full Council Tax.”

Residents who have any queries should check the Frequently Asked Questions on the council’s website before calling as the answer could appear there. If not, please call the UConnect Customer Service centre on 01799 510510.