Asbestos dump sparks council appeal

A DISTRICT Council is calling on the public to help track down fly tippers after asbestos was abandoned in a country lane.

The appeal comes from Braintree District Council’s (BDC)cEnvironmental Protection Team after corrugated sheets of asbestos were found abandoned by a member of the public on the 18th of May, at the side of a bridleway through agricultural land North of Rivenhall.

Cllr Wendy Schmitt, Cabinet Member for Environment said: “It’s disgraceful that people think they can use our green areas as a dumping ground for their rubbish. There is really no excuse for it. It’s also costly to clear up - the council spends more than �1million a year keeping the district clean and tidy, and incidents like these are a drain on our resources”

“Any abandoned waste spoils the look of the area, but dumping asbestos is particularly serious because it contains potentially dangerous substances that are harmful to the wildlife and the environment.”

“We are determined to stamp out this sort of irresponsible and anti social behaviour but we need the public to help us. Many of these incidents occur in our countryside areas, and we would urge local people to help keep an eye on these areas and tell us when they see things like this happen so that we can take action.”

Anyone with information regarding this incident, or to report environmental problems such as fly tipping, dog fouling and abandoned waste, can call the Council’s Environmental Protection team on 01376 552525 or email Calls will be treated in the strictest confidence. As part of its investigation into the fly tipping of asbestos, BDC is also keen to hear from any members of the public in the district who have had asbestos removed from their property in the last six months.

Asbestos and other hazardous waste needs specialist disposal and must be handled with great care. People are advised to wear protective equipment, keep it wet and refrain from breaking it up to avoid releasing dust fibres. When transporting asbestos, it should be tightly sealed in thick polythene bags or sheeting. Information regarding asbestos and the precautions to be taken when in contact with the material is available on the Council’s website at