Asthma sufferers warned due to high pollution and pollen levels in Essex

Air pollution

Air pollution - Credit: Archant

Asthma sufferers are being warned to be extra care today (Friday) and tomorrow due to high pollution and pollen levels.

The air quality in the East is expected to be poor due to today being set to be the hottest day of the year so far, coupled with high pollution and tree pollen levels. The poor air quality is exacerbated by dust from the Sahara.

Experts expect the birch pollen season to start at the end of this week, which will lead to a high risk for asthma sufferers. There is also a risk from other tree pollen that is airborne on dry, mild days.

Asthma UK is urging people to protect themselves by: “Make sure you have your reliever inhaler with you at all times – even if your asthma has not been bothering you lately, you might need it over the next two days

“Plan to avoid outdoor exercise and time outdoors, especially near busy polluted roads or in parks, gardens or woodlands where there are birch, ash, elm, hazel and alder trees. If it is essential to spend time outdoors, try to plan any outdoor activity earlier in the day (pollution and pollen levels climb as the day goes on).”