"You could hear a pin drop": Author's reading in bookstore

Saffron Walden, Essex: Hart's Books event. Picture of author TA Rosewood on left, with a reader with books

Author TA Rosewood (left) at the Hart's Books event in Saffron Walden with Sophie, holding the author's books - Credit: supplied

Saffron Walden author TA Rosewood has held her first event in person for book fans.

And fittingly, it was held at Hart's Books - the same venue that prompted her to re-start writing.

Traci Wood, who goes by the pen name TA Rosewood, took the decision to return to creative writing after meeting author Jojo Moyes at the opening of Hart's Books in Saffron Walden in 2015.

TA Rosewood has gone on to publish Reasonable Lies, whose leading lady is called Jane Walden, followed by Jane's Journal, and then Secrets & Lies.

Her latest book is called Sarah's Secrets, which gives a deeper insight into book three.

Her previous author conversations with readers - a virtual book tour with Bookgrammers - was held on Instagram.

Traci admitted: "I was very nervous but as it was so relaxed, it made it easier."

Saffron Walden, Essex: Author TA Rosewood standing at Hart's Books, reading aloud. Backdrop is books

Author TA Rosewood reading an extract of her work to the audience at the Hart's Book event, Saffron Walden - Credit: supplied

The crowd listened to a talk about her author journey, followed by a short reading from her first book. Refreshments included cupcakes with pictures of the books on top.

Saffron Walden, Essex: A cupcake for author TA Rosewood's latest book, Secrets & Lies

A cupcake with a mini edible wafer representing the front cover of author TA Rosewood's book called Secrets & Lies - Credit: supplied

Traci added: "Someone said afterward, "You could hear a pin drop, everyone was mesmerized listening"."