BAA London Stansted: Aeroplane fire at airport

GREAT Dunmow firefighters were called to Stansted Airport on Monday (May 15) to assist BAA crews in tackling a aeroplane blaze.

The incident, at 1.55pm, involved an engine fire to a mail aeroplane that was still on the tarmac.

Assistant Divisional Officer Danny Bruin said: “Airport fire crews got to work very quickly to control the engine fire which was well alight and also had leaking aviation fuel which started a running fuel fire.

“Crews used a ground monitor and foam blanket to gain control of the incident.

“The airport fire appliance used its water supply in minutes and ECFRS crews were there very swiftly to shuttle additional water supplies from the nearest hydrant to the incident which led to the fire being extinguished and the scene being made safe with the damage being contained to the port side engine of the 737 aircraft.

“This incident proved the benefit of having a good working relationship between the airport fire service and ECFRS and also the airport security staff who were at hand to escort fire appliances from the RV point across the runway to the incident. Stn O Crowe and his crews done a good job.”