BBC team visit Saffron Walden Skatepark for filming of new Town series

A FILM crew with presenter Nicholas Crane visited the skatepark to film some great action shots for their programme Town to be shown in January.

Small cameras were fixed to a BMX bike to give the viewer an idea of what the rider sees when travelling at speed around one of the deep bowls.

Skatepark secretary Jane Gray said: “It was also a good opportunity for the skaters to see how a television crew work together and hopefully may inspire some to pursue a career in media, interviewing, presenting or filming.”

Filming for the BBC 2 programme has been in progress in Saffron Walden for more than a week.

Director Louise Say and assistant producer Shruthi Rao of Tern TV were with Nicholas Crane in the market place last Monday. The team also visited the castle and parish church, as well as the skatepark.

The programme is one of a series of four featuring towns in different areas of the British Isles, their present character and the ways in which they are adapting to change.