Bible marathon reading attracts 140 readers in Saffron Walden

A BIBLE reading marathon in Saffron Walden attracted over 140 readers, organisers have said.

St Mary’s Church ran the event as part of a national celebration of 400 years of the translated King James bible.

Readers ranged from primary school age to some in their 90s. At least 12 translations were used.

The whole marathon took 86 hours and 40 minutes, starting at 9 am on June 20 with Genesis 1 and finishing on June 26 with Revelation 22.

The church’s King James bible was on the lectern throughout and many read from that while others read from their own treasured personal or family bibles.

The King James was the single most popular version – not surprising in its 400th anniversary year – but other translations used included the Good News Bible, New English Bible, New Century Youth Bible and Tyndale’s New Testament of 1526.”