British Chambers chief hails airport’s role in supporting business

THE head of the UK’s chamber of commerce movement has hailed the importance of Stansted Airport’s role in supporting British business.

John Longworth, director general of British Chambers of Commerce was speaking during the visit to Stansted, the UK’s fourth busiest airport, organised by Essex Chambers of Commerce.

During the visit, he met with Stansted’s managing director, Nick Barton, to discuss a range of issues affecting aviation and businesses competitiveness including aviation policy, infrastructure investment, export opportunities and access to finance.

Mr Longworth said: “Stansted is a superb airport with world class infrastructure. It has a burgeoning air freight market and significant spare capacity to take more flights helping to boost international trade and connectivity which is vital to British business.

“The UK desperately needs a coherent and comprehensive aviation policy for the short, medium and long term. Stansted clearly has a role to play.

Nick Barton, added: “I’m delighted to have welcomed John Longworth to London Stansted Airport and have the opportunity to discuss the key issues affecting aviation and the UK economy.

“Both the British and Essex Chambers recognise the vast contribution aviation makes to the British economy and Stansted is no different. “As the third biggest airport in London, we are a major catalyst for growth and productivity, employing over 10,000 people and contributing �400 million to the regional economy.

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“With the permissions and facilities in place to serve 35 million passengers a year on our single runway, we can play a significant role in meeting the demand for point-to-point air travel in the capacity constrained south-east, helping to build the international trade links that are vital for British business and prosperity.”