Broomfield Hospital plants trees to support climate change campaign

Staff planted trees to help create more green space on the premises

Staff planted trees to help create more green space on the premises - Credit: Archant

BROOMFIELD Hospital has participated in two campaigns to raise awareness about the health implications of climate change.

The hospital supported “Climate Week” and the “NHS Sustainable Day of Action” by planting trees to enhance the green spaces on the Trusts’ grounds.

All of the trees were sponsored as part of the Heritage Lottery Fund Grant.

Elmarie Swanepoel, Head of Sustainable Development & Strategic Projects at the Trust said: “The NHS emits large quantities of carbon emissions every year, and it is important for the Trust to understand the impact of our services on the environment.

“The enhancement of green spaces provides a better environment for our patients whilst helping the Trust to mitigate some of our impacts on the environment.”

During Climate Week, the staff and patients at the Hospital were also asked for their feedback on how the Trust can become more sustainable.

Over 70% of the participants indicated that they are either concerned or very concerned about climate change and 88% believe that the health sector should set more challenging ambitions with on reducing carbon emissions in the NHS.

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Patients and staff also indicated that they would like the hospital to do more on promoting the recycling facilities and energy efficiency initiatives.

They also said they want the Trust to provide information on what is being done to manage medicines waste.

The Trust is also currently recruiting staff and public volunteers to become “Sustainability Champions”.

The group will be provided with training and information in order for them to not only become more sustainable as individuals, but to also help various departments of the Trust to help reduce the impacts of their service.

For more information on the campaign, contact Elmarie, 01245 515230 or