Burger starts flat fire

FIREFIGHTERS issued a warning today (Jan 27) after an unattended burger started a kitchen fire.

Two crews from Saffron Walden were called to The Spike on Radwinter Road at 1.20pm after a youngster raised the alarm - calling their parents who were 30 minutes away - after leaving the house with the burger still cooking and being unable to gain re-entry.

Crews arriving at the scene made an inspection of the second floor flat in the three-storey building using a triple extension ladder. They gained access after the parents returned home to find the flat heavily smoke logged.

After inspecting the property to make sure it was safe, they used a high pressure fan to clear the flat of smoke. The incident was dealt with by 2pm

Following the incident, firefighters issued a warning about the dangers of leaving cooking unattended. “This family had a lucky escape,” said a spokesman. “The next may not be so lucky.”