Bus company investigates claims bus driver swore at Newport mother outside school

Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport. Picture: Saffron Photo

Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport. Picture: Saffron Photo - Credit: Archant

A Newport woman has made an official complaint to an Essex bus company after she claims she was verbally abused by a driver when she asked him to move his vehicle.

Cecile Alexander, 45, of Willow Vale, who works as a nanny, was picking up children from Joyce Frankland Academy on Thursday, May 12 when the incident took place.

Mrs Alexander says she was attempting to turn right from Willow Vale into Bury Water Lane, but was partially blocked from doing so by a parked Stephensons bus.

Mrs Alexander says she got out of her vehicle and asked if the driver could move the bus back five metres so that she could get through.

It was then that the Mrs Alexander claims the driver swore at her, and told her to “shut up”.

Mrs Alexander said: “We constantly have problems with the buses outside Joyce Frankland, and I know I am not the only one to experience these kind of issues.

“He only had to move the bus back a small way for me to get through, and I couldn’t believe the way he spoke to me. “I talked to the school, but they told me to go directly to the bus company to make a complaint.”

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Mrs Alexander has since received a reply from Stephensons apologising for the “unsavoury” incident with assurances that the matter will be dealt with.

A spokesperson for Stephensons said: “We are in receipt of Ms Alexander’s complaint. The behaviour and language allegedly used by our driver is entirely unacceptable, irrespective of the circumstances, and having been identified, the individual will be dealt with through our formal processes.

“As a local company employing local staff this is not the image we seek to portray, and we will be writing to the complainant to offer our sincere apologies”.