Cambridgeshire: Over 300 motorcyclists caught in ‘Think’ campaign

MORE than 300 motorcyclists in Cambridgeshire were caught during an enforcement campaign.

Throughout April officers took part in the ‘Think’ motorcyclist campaign, which involved enforcing motorcyclist offences.

Not only were 302 motorcyclists targeted, but 180 motorists were caught using a mobile while driving or not wearing a seatbelt.

172 motorcyclists were stopped, 37 fixed penalty notices were issued for a range of offences such as defective tyres and incorrect number plates, 34 were given warnings for excess speed, one bike was seized for no insurance, 14 were issued with a vehicle defect rectification scheme, four were registered as part of the ride scheme and two arrested. Two had been involved in a serious injury collision.

Inspector Bob Turner said: “Road safety is vital for motorcyclists and it’s disappointing that so many are still riding too fast or being fined.

“While traffic officers were out on the county’s roads there were still motorists flouting the law.

“Roads can be a dangerous place when the law is not respected and adhered to. If we are to reduce the number of fatalities and casualties on the county’s roads it is vital people comply with the law.

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“This month (May) officers will be out on the roads enforcing the speed limit.”