Ceremony to honour Wimbish troops returning from Afghanistan

OVER 200 service men and women received campaign medals at Carver Barracks after returning from Afghanistan.

The Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) task force, based at Wimbish, spent six months disarming and disposing of explosives for troops based in Helmand Province.

The soldiers received their ‘Herrick’ medals in front of proud family and friends on Friday in a ceremony conducted by General Officer Commanding Theatre Troops (GOC) Bruce Brealey.

The ceremony was also used to pay tribute to three soldiers, Corporal Jamie Kirkpatrick, Staff Sergeant Brett Lindley and Sapper Mark Smith, who were killed while on duty in Afghanistan.

GOC Brealey said to the troops: “You wouldn’t be able to do what you did without commitment, courage and resilience.

“We stand here in awe and humility as we salute your courage and extraordinary sacrifice.”

Commanding Officer of the C-IED David Southall said: “It is great to see my family and the soldiers with their families after such a rewarding tour which was a physically and psychologically demanding experience.

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“This was my third tour and I feel privileged to be able to see the changes happening in Afghanistan. The security forces and government structure is improving drastically.”

The changes have also posed challenges for the task force,

Corporal Colin Reason told the Reporter: “The IED threat has gone through the roof and the tactics of the insurgents has changed a lot so we have to be prepared. Thankfully we can stay one step ahead by communicating with the other forces.”

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