Charity seeks host families for orphans’ visit

FAMILIES are needed to host orphaned Romanian children this summer.

About 40 children will arrive in the UK for a two-week visit organised by west Essex and north Herts charity the Moreton Romanian Orphans Fund (MROF).

While half of those will be returning to be with families they have stayed with previously, 20 will never have stepped outside their home country or experienced being part of a family unit before.

To help make these children’s dreams come true, the charity is seeking families to welcome a child into their homes from August 10 to August 24.

MROF publicity officer Paul Jarvis said: “The charity will be funding the full cost of the trip from its fundraising activities, meaning that new families need only provide a child with a home, food and the love that those in this country take for granted.

“Too many children in Romania are still living in poverty without ever having experienced the love of a family around them.

Just giving them two weeks in a family environment can make a massive difference to their lives and to see that happen in front of your eyes is a truly rewarding and unforgettable experience.”

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During their stay, the children will be participating in a number of events organised by the charity, such as discos, a trip to the seaside, a picnic and a sports day. Host families are welcome at all events.

Anyone interested in giving a child a home should contact MROF hosting officer Barbara Saunders on 01279 832001. For more about the charity visit