Child poverty is on the increase, charity claims

THE Government is in danger of missing its target of eradicating child poverty by 2020, according to a leading children’s charity.

Dr Sam Royston, poverty and early years advisor at the Children’s Society, claims child poverty is on the increase, with 3.6million children currently living below the poverty line.

“We are really worried that children are being unfairly effected,” he told the Reporter.

“Children and families are being disproportionately hit by the changes coming into effect from Government.

“Families are finding it harder and harder to live and buy the things they need as prices have gotten higher.

“Some families are being put in the difficult position to choose whether they can afford to eat, or to heat their homes – and that is an impossible position.

“At the moment over three million children are living in poverty and we expect that to increase by 2020, meaning the Government will miss their target of ending child poverty by 2020.”