Chilford Hall came to our wedding day rescue

ME and my husband are upset to hear the news about what has happened at Chilford Hall.

We both had a shock when we found out the Whitehall Hotel in Broxted was going into liquidation just three weeks before our wedding day. A brides nightmare!

But with some help from our family, having to finish work early a couple of days and some quick thinking, my dad and I went to Chilford Hall, not really expecting much, as it was a Saturday with two weeks left to go.

But we were there for three hours having talks with the manager who was really keen to help us. We came away from them really pleased and a new venue for our wedding day!

We got married on May 26, the weather was amazing for us.

Everything had fallen into place. The morning was full of nerves and excitment. And the ceremony was held in the beautiful setting of St Botolphs Church, Hadstock, where I grew up. And of course there were a few tears!

Then we ended the day at Chilford Hall, Linton. I feel like the troubles we had were probably a blessing in disguise as Chilford Hall was an amazing venue to celebrate our special day. The building and its surroundings were picturesque.

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The staff were professional, always putting our needs first and very attentive throughout the day.

My husband and I would like to say a huge thank you to the staff at Chilford Hall for making our day happen.

We had the most amazing day of our lives, and I can’t help but feel that it wouldn’t of been as perfect had it not of been for the effort and generosity from Chilford Hall.

Nancy Henry

Hay Close