Crazy kitten hitches 25-mile ride to Stansted Airport

A MADCAP moggie is recovering after hiding under a car bonnet and hitching a 25-mile ride to Stansted Airport today (Friday).

The fearless five-week-old kitten, who is safe and weel despite her ordeal, was clinging onto the engine when she was discovered in the staff car park after a passer-by heard meowing sounds coming from under the bonnet.

She has been nicknamed ‘Jammy’ by airport staff because of her links to the famous jam factory in Tiptree, where her perilous adventure began.

It is believed Jammy crawled into the compartment seeking warmth and comfort overnight.

RSPCA Inspector Rosie Russon, who was called to Stansted to check on her health, said: “Jammy was most likely just looking for a nice place to sleep.

“The good news is she’s safe and well after her ordeal - although she may have used up one of her nine lives! Finding an owner will be difficult because Jammy wasn’t tagged, she was probably just discarded from the litter.”

The stowaway kitten has been adopted by Stansted Airport Security Advisor, Becky Corris, who helped with the delicate rescue operation to coax the cat out of the car.

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“She’s absolutely adorable and seemed to warm to me straight away,” Ms Corris said.