Crime on the rise in Uttlesford

CRIME in Essex is falling according to Government figures released last week – although in many cases it is still on the rise in Uttlesford.

CRIME in Essex is falling according to Government figures released last week – although in many cases it is slightly on the rise in Uttlesford.

Home Office figures comparing the 2009/10 to the 2008/9 financial year show improvements across most categories of crime in the county, putting it in the top nine out of the 43 forces in England and Wales.

While Uttlesford remains one of the safest places in the county, in various categories the numbers of crime in the district increased:

� Robbery was up 11 per cent although this represents just one additional crime

� Vehicle crime increased by four per cent – a total of 14 additional crimes

� Violence against the person rose by 14 per cent, including a significant rise in incidents of harassment and low level assaults, with an additional 90 crimes being reported to police

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Dwelling burglaries meanwhile, were down five per cent (or seven fewer incidents).

Despite the rising numbers, the streets of Uttlesford remain some of the safest in the country, according to district commander Chf Insp Alyson Wilson.

“The number of crimes committed in our district is much lower than in other parts of the county, and one consequence of this is that a small change in a very specific crime, such as robbery, can produce what appears to be a significant percentage change,” she said.

“I am pleased that there were fewer house burglaries but I would urge the whole community to remain vigilant because there are criminals out there actively looking for opportunities to steal property.

“By taking sensible precautions, such as ensuring cars and homes are secure, installing alarms, and any valuable items are not visible through windows, we can make it significantly more difficult for the would-be thieves and burglars to disrupt our lives.”

Commenting on the increase in violence against the person, Chf Insp Wilson added: “Part of this is a reflection of the proactive work undertaken by officers to encourage victims of domestic abuse to report offences. Essex Police is committed to investigating domestic abuse and bringing those responsible to justice.

“There was a reduction in the most serious category of violent crime, wounding or endangering life, from nine crimes to seven.”

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