Mobile phone campaign in Essex will enforce the law

One of Essex Police's new vehicles

An Essex Police vehicle - Credit: Essex Police

Essex Police has launched a campaign to raise awareness that mobile phones should not be used while people are driving.

The campaign, called #StandingUpForHangingUp, runs until February 28 and aims to educate drivers and enforce the law.

Inspector Matt Crow of the Roads Policing Unit said: “Most people support us and adhere to the law by not using their mobiles whilst in their car.

“But there are a few who believe that they can multi-task and drive safely whilst scrolling through their phone, texting or checking for messages.

“It’s just not true. 

“Impaired driving can be a result of anything that distracts you, and anyone not concentrating on the road could become involved in a collision.”

Penalties for getting caught using a hand-held mobile phone while driving are six penalty points and a £200 fine.

Roads Policing Unit Inspector Timothy Swain wants to encourage all drivers to refuse to take or make calls while driving, as the risk of a collision increases fourfold.

Witnesses who see someone using their mobile phone while driving and capture it on dash cam can upload the footage to the Safer Essex Partnership's Extra Eyes website.