More than 280 drink and drug drive arrests

A drug drive stop carried out by Essex Police and colleagues.

Archive picture. A drug drive stop. - Credit: Essex Police

Essex Police made 283 drink and drug driving related arrests over the festive period.

Between Tuesday, December 1 and 6am on Saturday, January 2 they made 139 drug driving arrests, 118 drink driving arrests, and 26 arrests for failing to provide a specimen.

Temporary Chief Inspector Emma Bullock, head of roads policing, said: “Sadly we continue to see people their safety and those of other road users at risk.

“Driving with alcohol or drugs in your system can have a significant impact on your ability behind the wheel. We know that in many cases drug drivers are habitual drug users – it’s part of their daily routine.

“We also know that many people don’t realise there’s a drug driving limit or that you can test positive for drugs in your system days after you’ve last taken them.

“That’s why we continue to work as a partner of Safer Essex Roads Partnership to raise awareness of the issue to try and educate people on drug driving and it’s consequences."

Temporary Chief Inspector Bullock said these consequences could be for a driver to lose their licence, all the way through to killing someone.

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She added: “We are now entering another period where we’re being asked to stay home to save lives but I want to reassure you that my officers will continue to be out in your communities keeping you safe on the road.”

Nicola Foster, chairman of Safer Essex Roads Partnership said: “Last year we launched Vision Zero, the vision and goal that no one dies or is injured on our roads in Essex.

"We all have a responsibility to work towards this, whether it’s driving within the speed limits or putting your phone out of reach or not driving under the influence of drink and drugs.

“We see every single report of death and injury on our roads and the devastation they cause to families. They are absolutely avoidable so please do not contribute to this heartache, not during a pandemic and not ever.”

Call 101 with information about a drink or drug driver, or call 999 in an emergency.

In the 2019 campaign, there were 166 drink driving arrests, 170 drug driving arrests, and 57 for failing to provide a specimen.