Daughter issues warning as telephone scam after Essex parents targeted by tricksters

Phone scams.

Phone scams. - Credit: Daniel WIlson

A warning has been put out after a telephone scam where households are telephoned out of the blue to be told there is a virus on their computer.

It is thought the person who calls will tell whoever answers the phone that they need to upload some software to kill the virus. But the software will, instead, give the scammer access to the person’s laptop or desktop – and possibly to their on-line banking.

The trickster came to light after a family in Newport received several calls in succession, even though they don’t own a computer.

The daughter of the family, who do not wish to be named, said: “We were called first on Bank Holiday Monday by a man who called himself Anthony and said he worked for a company called Computer Solutions.

“He said: ‘There is a problem with your computer. It has a virus on it.’ I said there isn’t a computer in the house, my parents don’t have one. Then the phone went down.

“He phoned again the next day, around the same time in the afternoon, and said the same thing and again I told him, we don’t have a computer.

“He phoned a third time on Friday (May 13) and this time when I told him again that we didn’t have a computer, he said: ‘No, you’re lying, you’ve got one’. I told him that if he rang again, I would tell the police.”

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She added: “The calls are becoming very irritating. My concern is that there will be a lot of people he rings who will have computers and will not be sufficiently sceptical to see it is a hoax.”

If you are concerned about suspicious phone calls, ring Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre on 0300 123 2040.

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